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Wir sind Studenten aus verschiedenen Bereichen und unser Motto ist:

"Inklusion durch Innovation"

Autak is a non-profit organization that aims to make life a little easier for people with special needs. We consist of three pillars: Hardware, Software and Awareness.

Can you invite a wheelchair user to your home?

We are developing a wheelchair that can overcome all obstacles such as stairs and curbs. It is also possible to bring people to eye level with others.

With your help, we can raise awareness and support more than 140 million wheelchair users worldwide with our developments.

100% of the profit is reinvested by us in further developments, e.g. in our current prototype of a stair-climbing wheelchair.

Trailer for our stair climbing wheelchair


Jeden Donnerstag für jeden um 18:15 Uhr auf

Every Thursday for everyone at 6:15 o'clock on

Autak at

"Simply ingenious"

Wheelchair, Software & Awareness

A stair-climbing wheelchair?

We design mobility.

There are no limits to the range of applications. The further development of the wheel can be used with a wheelchair, stroller or hospital bed.

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Account holder: Autak e.V.

Bank: Deutsche Skatbank

IBAN: DE76 8306 5408 0004 2950 99


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For ideas, suggestions or questions we are always at your side!

Only through feedback from you, our community, can we break down barriers. The wheelchair should look different or fit into your small car, give us feedback!